Career Resources helps service members understand the military-to-civilian transition process using an interactive database that shares tailored information from the veteran community. This free service enables military members to apply lessons learned from veterans with similar backgrounds and experiences to their own. The interactive database on their website allows key information to be searched based upon a member’s branch, rank, education, years of service, military specialty or career field, age and gender.



OweYaa is a 21st century recruiting and training agency that tailors military talent for companies looking to expand their team and business. Our unique process matches candidates to projects instead of companies. Such limited scope internships not only help candidates develop their skill sets, but give employers a cost-effective way to remain productive and vet potential full-time employees.

Warrior to Patriot Citizen (Free Download Below!)

Warrior To Patriot Citizen

About the Book

Warrior to Patriot Citizen is a book that prepares service members for the transition back to civilian life. Air Force veterans Donna Hoffmeyer and Kevin Cullis offer valuable advice to help you answer questions like:

  • Have you set yourself up in a way that will allow you [to] pursue your passion?
  • Do you even know what you want to do after you leave the service?
  • How do you translate those well-developed skills into terminology civilians will understand?

Transition your military service and skills to your civilian adventure. Get your copy of Warrior to Patriot Citizen today on Amazon or CreateSpace.

About the Download

While it's primarily targeted at transitioning service members, Warrior to Patriot Citizen has really useful content for all G.I. Bucks Members – including spouses and veterans. A great example of this is Chapter 5, which emphasizes the need to maintain your physical, mental and financial health. Civilian life is stressful enough already, so why compound matters?

Thanks to the book's authors, you have the opportunity to get their insights on exercising, eating right, improving sleep habits and managing finances. Click the PDF icon below to get your free download of Chapter 5.